Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Third week of advent - Wednesday

A person was told when she went to Alcoholics Anonymous that she should be careful because if she stuck with the program it would mess up her drinking big time.

The same can be true of advent. If you get into the spirit of advent and begin remembering the birth of the divine among humanity, it will mess up your life big time.

You will surrender your ego joyfully because it no longer makes sense to you. You will become one with peace and bliss, and should you relapse back to the insanity of the illusions and drama of the ego world, you will readily recognize your error and return to the path of Love.

Christmas is a time of miracles. In the hushed silence of the season we can faintly hear the angels sing and we become seduced into humming along. As we hum along we will find ourselves bursting into song and with our sisters and brothers sing together a mighty song.


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