Friday, December 1, 2017

Whose will? Mine or thine?

Unitarian Universalists covenant together to affirm and promote the free and responsible search for truth and meaning. Where does this search take them? For what are they seeking? The perennial philosophy teaches that truth and meaning are not to be found in things external but rather in things internal. If we are to search within what will we find but illusions, drama, misery, suffering, and temporary happiness?

The Buddha taught us the truth of impermanence. The Buddha taught us that suffering comes from attachment. Detachment and non attachment is an emptying of one's illusions and clinging. It is a letting go and a purification of one's ego to make room for the divine. We are told that we can't have both. Ultimately, we have to choose between the ego and the divine. UUs have few mystics in their midst except their appreciation of the transcendentalists and yet, it seems, Unitarian Universalism has eschewed the mystical root of spirituality to its detriment.

The moment you are empty of yourself, you are full of God. Both cannot exist together, remember. Remember again and again: both cannot exist together: it is either you or God. And it is the foolish person who chooses himself. Choose God: disappear as an ego. Forget yourself as an entity separate from existence, and in that very disappearance you are reborn. It is a very paradoxical state: the moment you are empty of yourself you become full, and full for the first time, overflowingly full, inexhaustibly full. The ego is just a shadow, it has no substance. It is a dream, not a reality. Drop the shadow so that you can attain the substance. Drop the false so that the real can be attained. All that I teach here is how to be empty of yourself so that you can be full of God. And the fullness is fulfillment.

Osho. First in the Morning: 365 Uplifting Moments to Start the Day Consciously, p.3

It is written in A Course In Miracles: "Now must you choose between yourself and an illusion of yourself. Not both, but one. There is no point in trying to avoid this one decision. It must be made. Faith and belief can fall to either side, but reason tells you misery lies only on one side and joy on the other." T-22.II.6:6-10

Basically it comes down to God's will or your own. Only the foolish would choose their own when they could enjoy the whole cosmos.

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