Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Heaven on earth

It has been said that Unitarian Universalists don't believe in people getting into heaven, UUs believe in getting heaven into people. Heaven is not "up there." Heaven, as Jesus told us 2,000 years ago is within you and among you. It is interesting that while Unitarian Universalism is no longer considered a "Christian" religion, it's principles more closely embody the teachings of Jesus than the churches of "cultural Christianity" do.

We all deserve to be happy. We all deserve to have a high quality life. If this does not seem to be so, something has gone wrong. What has gone wrong is not external to you, but internal to you intrinsic to who you understand yourself and your brothers and sisters to be.

When you truly believe that you and your brothers and sisters are extensions of the creator, all part of the Oneness, the light fills up your life which involves a feeling of bliss. Bliss is not pleasure, not happiness, not joy. Bliss is the feeling of flow, the melting away of the ego and consciousness of the cosmic.

The alarm bells should sound a loud warning when you begin to think of yourself or feel yourself to be a victim. No extension of God is a victim. Such a thing is impossible. Victimization is the work of the ego and blames others as persecutors. This is the great game, what Holden Caufield in Catch In The Rye called "the Big Lie."

No human being is inherently a victim but a being with inherent worth and dignity. It is this worth and dignity with which we need to be in touch and appreciate as precious.

Salvation, the At-One-Ment, heaven on earth is when everybody loves everybody all the time. When we know that we extensions of the divine and join with others to magnify this awareness, we hasten the time of creating heaven on earth.

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  1. The more intellectual among us would argue that our U.S. constitution guarantees us "the pursuit" of happiness but not happiness itself. This leads to dog eat dog competition on a very uneven playing field which renders this quaint platitude and myth.

    External circumstances aside, not only is every human being, entitled to happiness as their birth right, it is already theirs should they become aware of true reality which is not of this path of the ego.


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