Sunday, January 28, 2018

UU AWOL weekly report

Weekly report from UUAWOL 01/21/18 – 01/27/18

1.    During the week of 01/21/18 – 01/27/18  UUAWOL received 1106 views down 473 from the previous week.
2.    The heaviest viewing day was Monday, 01/22/18 with 202 views.
3.    The average number of views per day was 158 while the average number of views the preceding week was 226.

1.    There was a focus on forgiveness and love.

Plans - Short term
            Readership has decreased for unknown reasons. It may that the blog has become too unfocused and cluttered. All features will be discontinued except the daily article on the spiritual life.

Plans - long term
1.    Build a model of UU theology
2.    Create a dictionary of UU terms
3.    Further develop an articulation of the values that comprise a good life.

4.    Describe and encourage deliberate practice

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  1. Re-focusing the blog's content is a good idea. It makes it more user friendly. Simpler is better.


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