Saturday, March 17, 2018

Brockport man accuses fellow committeeman of being "a real asshole."

Brockport, NY - Behind closed doors, Brett Landow, told Barry Brown that Al Johnson is a "real asshole."

"I can't stand the guy," said Brett. "He thinks he knows everything and takes over every meeting."

Barry agreed but was in no way as passionate about the opinion of Al's assholishness as Brett.

"Sometimes," said Barry, "you have to just take people where they're at."

"Can't do it," exclaimed Brett. "The guy will ruin the whole thing."

"What do you want to do," asked Barry?

"I'm gonna complain to Pastor Beverly," said Brett.

"Ahhhh," stammered Barry, "I'm sure that will do the trick," rolling his eyes

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  1. the satirical pieces tagged The Holy Fool, always make me laugh at myself because their lessons puncture the bubble of my hypocrisy. Many thanks.


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