Thursday, March 15, 2018

Study: UUs waste over 500,000 hours per years in committee meetings

Brockport, NY - A recent study performed by the Amelioration Institute found that Unitarian Universalists spend over 500,000 hours per year in committee meetings with very little to show for it.

"If Unitarian Universalism has a mission in the world you'd never know it by what gets accomplished, " said Barry Donovan the study's lead researcher. "UUs love to talk about things but that's as far as things go. They seem to love talk more than action."

"They seem to enjoy the coffee and cookies," said Sarah Barbarito the study's co-author. "It's more about socializing for a small click of people than organizational accomplishment. Their lack of focus on their mission has lead to a dwindling of membership and we predict this small denomination will dissolve in the next two decades due to its inability to support itself."

"Without a meaningful mission, and no attention to measuring the degree of accomplishments, most organizations lose members, money, and talent and die," said Dr. Donovan. "Studying Unitarian Univeralism as a classic example of organizational demise as its mission becomes increasingly irrelevant to its members and the people the organization purports to serve is very informative of the organizational dying process."

Sarah Barbarito said, "The denomination is on life support now. I would estimate their life expectancy is down to 20 years."

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  1. Ouch!! If this is supposed to be funny, it is somewhat humorous but as with most satire it also hurts. Well meaning people should not be laughed at.


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