Sunday, March 4, 2018

UU AWOL weekly report 02/25/18 - 03/03/18

Weekly report from UUAWOL 02/25/18 – 03/03/18

1.    During the week of 02/25/18 – 03/03/18  UUAWOL received 842 views up 122 from the previous week.
2.    The heaviest viewing day was Tuesday, 02/27/18 with 142 views.
3.    The average number of views per day was 120 while the average number of views the preceding week was 101.
4.    The number of views is up slightly probably because of the change of the material presented.

1.    A new column has been introduced which provides material for an online course on the Interior Spiritual Life. It is intended that this course will run 16 weeks. A video was added which will be a weekly feature of this on line course.
2.    The column on Lent continued.
3.    A new humor column was added
4.    A vocabulary quiz was developed and implemented.
5.    Lumen 5 videos have been developed about article content.

Plans - Short term
1.    Continue with a daily post about the spiritual life.
2.    Continue with posts from the course on the Interior Spiritual Life 101.
3.    Continue a series of weekly reflections on the meaning of Lent.
4.    A weekly article on prophetic voices and events will be maintained.
5.    Continue with at least a weekly article on humor.

Plans - long term
1.    Build a model of UU theology
2.    Create a dictionary of UU terms
3.    Further develop an articulation of the values that comprise a good life.
4.    Describe and encourage deliberate practice of an interior spiritual life.

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