Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Is there support for the awakened ones?

The self transformation that takes a person to wakefulness is not as extraordinary and exceptional as it seems. Many people have arrived in a more wakeful state often after intense psychological turmoil from a life crisis. Others have gradually moved into an awakened state after a long time of spiritual searching.

The move from egoic to unitive consciousness seems to some observers as rare and extraordinary but to those who have arrived there it seems quite ordinary and people on the path of the ego seem to be the ones who are abnormal, dysfunctional, and sad. M. Scott Peck called this awareness of how abnormal things seem outside of a unitive consciousness as a "therapeutic depression." In the psychological literature, the awakened person may feel angry at the egotistical nature of most human life and then just deeply sad. In Christian mystical tradition this has been called the "gift of tears."

Many people who have risen to a cosmic consciousness, taking it as the ordinary way of being in the world, have no frame of reference, no societal support for their way of being in the world. One often assumes that this support system should be the church, but most churches are caught up in the egoic world as well and have little understanding of the unitive consciousness that some of its members may have achieved. UUAWOL ministries desires to provide that support, that understanding, that acceptance of these people into covenantal relationships based on the seven principles. The key characteristic of this covenantal relationship is the love of the interdependent web which involves the shedding of the ego and merging with all of existence.

If you have awakened, we, at UUAWOL ministries, get it. Covenanting together facilitates our sanctification of the world.

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