Monday, October 8, 2018

Can Unitarian Universalists let things go?

Unitarian Univeralists seek not to change the world but to love the world.
Changing the world is beyond them.

Unitarian Universalists seek to love not to dominate.
They seek the Truth not that which can be named.

Unitarian Universalists intend to be faithful not successful.
Success and failure are beneath them.

Unitarian Univeralists know that what is, is.
Whatever it will be, it will be. The future is left for the Higher Power to decide.

Unitarian Univeralists are detached from particular things.
They put their faith in the interdependent web of existence of which they are just a part.

Unitarian Univeralists have learned to do what they can and then let things go.
They are aware that a Power greater than themselves energizes the universe.

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