Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Where does gratitude come from?

The path of the ego is full of the allures of wealth, fame, and power.
Attachment to the promises of the ego have brought people to ruin.

Contentment with the simple things produces joy and bliss.
Wants and needs are two different things that the wise distinguish.

Saying "no," knowing when to stop, prevents destructive side effects of excess.
Resting in simplicity provides a richness of experience abundantly.

Unitarian Univeralists convenant together to affirm and promote the respect, some say love, of the interdependent web of existence. In this, the inherent worth and dignity of all beings is recognized and acknowledged. In this recognition and acknowledgment, gratitude arises which is all encompassing.

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  1. Having gotten her BA in English and not knowing what else to do with her life, Ashley decided to borrow $50K to pursue a graduate degree in Feminist Studies.


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