Saturday, December 1, 2018

Do we need to get back to basics?

The way is straight but there are many distractions.
Bread and circuses keep the masses asleep.
While people starve and suffer, the 24/7 cable news spew out "he said, she said" to keep people's minds off the real issues.

The blame game is emotinally captivating
Forgetting that other people are out brothers and sisters, we attack them thinking it will make us safe.
The people have lost their way and have forgotten who they really are.

Returning to the Ground of our Being requires that we put all nonsense aside, and get back on track.

Unitarian Universalists know that their covenant based on seven principles will save them. They know that affirming and promoting justice, equity, and compassion is the better course. UUs know that every person has inherent worth and dignity and, of this, UUs need to remind themselves regularly and share their light with the world.

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