Saturday, January 26, 2019

Today's lesson - Achieving vision by going with the flow.

Today's lesson is lesson 30 in A Course Of Miracles which is "God is in everything I see because God is in my mind."

ACIM makes a distinction between seeing and vision. Seeing is the physical sight with our eyes which is made up by projection. What we think we are going to see, we see. We are very biased. Psychologists call this a "psychological set" meaning that we have a frame of reference within which we perceive and understand our physical sensations. This is also called a "self fulfilling prophecy."

Vision is different in that it comes from within and is experienced best with our eyes closed. It has nothing to do with things being close or far or having particular shapes. Vision is being present in the moment and apprehending the whole not the parts.

When we attempt to "be here now" and apprehend the interdependent web of existence and experience the nondualistic unity we experience the bliss of God being in our mind.

A common experience of this kind of vision is what psychologists call "flow". Time stands still and we lose track of time. We become enthralled.

Today, allow yourself to become enthralled with what and wherever you are and see (no pun intended) if you can go with the flow and experience the peace of God in your mind.

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  1. The articles here just keep getting better and better. Muchos gratias!


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