Monday, January 21, 2019

Today's lesson - Attack thoughts are like a mosquito on an elephant's ass.

We think we are vulnerable and it is only a matter of time before we are attacked and hurt. We can be attacked by weather, by other people, by health problems, by financial situations and other resource scarcities and deprivations. Our religions tell us we can even be attacked by God and put in hell.

Our egos are never secure and tell us it's "me or them," "one or the other."

These fears attack our security before they ever even happen in the external world.

"Anxiety" is the biggest mental health problem in the United States and anxiety arises in the face of our fears of vulnerability.

The ego tricks us by generating fears of all kinds. The first step in finding peace is in recognizing and acknowledging what in Alcoholic Anonymous is called "Stinking thinking."

The second step is to recognize and acknowledge that we are spirits in a body not bodies with a spirit. As a spirit we are One with the All and as such cannot be harmed and are eternal.

The lesson 26 for today from A Course In Miracles asks us to say, "My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability." What is invulnerable, by definition, cannot be attacked. On the path of the Spirit, vulnerability makes no sense, only on the path of the ego.

Identify the attack thoughts and rise above them. They are like mosquitoes on an elephant's ass.

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  1. The media doesn't help either always telling us to be afraid. Fear is good for ratings because it grabs people's amygdala. Our amygdalas can create lives of misery even if they sometimes save our bodies. But what good is the body if we lose our soul?


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