Friday, March 8, 2019

At church on Sunday, 02/24/19, The Future of Universalism in the local congregation.

At church on Sunday, 02/24/19, in a service dedicated to exploring the future of Universalism, Rev. Michelle Yates, answers the question:

What do you think as far as the future of this church, of our church, and of the Unitarian Universalism as a denomination?

Rev. Michelle Yates: I would also be concerned about how do we continue to include everyone as we go forward because people don't need to come here for socialization in the community. They can get that in many other places, but what makes Church unique from all those other places?

In my community of young adults they are willing to get out of bed early for a job, for a reason. They can make a difference in people's lives and in the world. They're not just going to be a pedestrian looking at things, but to be active to find ways of what does it mean to be a member? What does it mean to be part of a church community beyond Sunday mornings?

I feel like sometimes when families walk in the door we also like to stand up and give a round of applause because I really appreciate what it takes to get many members together and out the door and into this building somewhere near 10:30.

Rev. Lane Cambell: With all their shoes on right?

With all the shoes. Yes. And so how do we come to do church, faith and action, where everyone is a part of it, looking outside of the box for ways to make those moments happen; we make community and church and faith in action a part of our lives.

We've already evolved away from the Sunday school of the past. You know, I think we've achieved the vision of Sophia Lyons Fahs of an interactive experiential learning experience for our kids. How do we do that going forward? 

Rev. Lane Campbell - More to come.

This segment runs from 06:20 - 08:02


  1. Rev. Yates seems to be saying that the future of Univeralism on the local level will be focused on involvement and inclusion will work. Do we have meaningful work for people to do that will involve them in a community of believers?

    This involvement is based on covenanting together to implement the seven principles. This gives us plenty to do together formulating and working towards the achievement of mutual goals.

  2. As Rev. Yates says, there are many places for people to socialize in the community. What makes church unique is the covenant which is a commitment to an ongoing relationship for a purpose. In the case, of UU, the purpose is the affirmation and promotion of the seven principles.


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