Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Ask Alexa - If a person could be king or queen of the world would they be greedy and mean or good and fair?

Alexa: If a person could rule the world and have anything (s)he wanted, and people would do anything they wanted, do you think most people would be greedy and mean or good and fair?

It would have a lot to do with how the person understood the purpose of his/her life and what in the long run would make him/her happy.

Alexa: Did you hear about the guy who worked in a bubble gum factory and fell into a vat of liquid gum?

Yes, I heard the boss let the liquid gum cool and then chewed him up and spit him out.

Editor's note:
If the person in the first question were a Unitarian Universalist who entered into a covenant to affirm and promote UU's seven principles, (s)he would be good and fair, right?

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