Monday, October 21, 2019

Is obedience to Sovereign Masculinity A Sin?

New York Times 10/19/19

The aspiration to sovereign masculinity expresses itself most exuberantly in hyperbolic displays of power. Why are we still talking about Trump coming down the escalator and calling Mexicans rapists and murderers? Why are we still repeating his claim that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose support? Why do we keep reminding one another that he bragged about grabbing women by the “pussy,” proclaiming “when you’re a star they let you do it”?

There may be a few Trump supporters who believe cognitively, literally, that Mexicans are rapists and murderers and that the appropriate way to interact with women is to grab them between the legs, but these statements aren’t doing their work at the level of belief. Whether we wince or cheer, we remain spellbound by these statements because they are displays of omnipotence.

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