Tuesday, October 29, 2019

UU A Way Of Life is an ad free zone

Have you noticed that UU A Way Of Life is ad free?

Have you noticed that there is no donation button in the side bar?

Daryl said to me, "Nothing in life is free, Dave, there's always strings attached."

"What you are describing is certainly true on the path of the ego," I said. "But on the path of the Spirit, things are always free. It's one of the ways you can tell whether things are of the ego or of the Spirit."

"Like what," challenged Daryl.

"Like unconditional love," I said.

"Unconditional love?" said Daryl. "What's that?"

"Your naturual inheritance," I said, "once you clear away all the crap of the ego. It takes some purification."

"Well, I'm not very pure," said Daryl. "I'm hardly that."

"Keep working on it Daryl. Life is a work of art in progress. Do you read the UU A Way Of Life blog?" I asked.

"No," said Daryl. "I spend my time looking for deals on Ebay and Craig's list."

"You need more stuff"" I asked?

"No, it's a way of passing the time when I'm bored," said Daryl.

"Uhm hmm," I murmurred.

"Would you read the UU A Way Of Life if there were ads there." I asked?

"No, probably not," said Daryl.

"Okay, well, there aren't any ads there any way, " I said. "UU A Way Of Life is an ad free zone, and it doesn't engage in click bait either."

"What's click bait," asked Daryl?

"The phenomena that has taken over and is driving your life, " I said.

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