Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Where do Unitarian Universalists stand on truth telling in the age of Trumpism?

What do Unitarian Universalists teach about truth telling and bearing false witness? Is Donald Trump's lying and dissembling and his fellow Republicans just politics as usual?

I have heard people defend Donald Trump's lying by saying, "All politicians do it." Is that accurate and excuse for such behavior?

The moral and ethical deterioration of our society in the age of Trumpism seems significant and does not bode well for our future as a nation if it is allowed to continue and there is no accountability.

What do our UU principles and values have to teach us about how to function in our current society where the political discourse is so toxic and dysfunctional? Our fourth principle encourages us to search for a free and responsible understanding of truth and meaning. Currently, when it comes to politics in the United States, how is that working for you?

Unitarian Univeralists are attracted to rectifying social injustices in so many areas, but I have never heard them speak up about the integrity of truth telling. Is it time?

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