Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Daily reflections, day fourteen, Setting the stage for miracles to occur.

Day fourteen
Setting the stage for miracles to occur.

“The use of miracles as spectacles to induce belief is a misunderstanding of their purpose.”
 ACIM, T-1.1.10

A miracle in the world of Spirit occurs in the mind not in the world of the ego. A miracle is not a supernatural phenomenon which defies the physical laws of nature but is an experience of Love..

The common meaning of the term “miracle” is magic. It is an external act that defies usual expectations. “Miracle,” in the sense that is spiritual, refers to a healing in the mind when a person experiences an awareness of the divine Love which brings joy and peace.

The “miracle” is an epiphany when the light bulb goes off in our mind and we see ourselves, and the world, in a larger, clearer, more luminous way.

Miracles happen more frequently that we recognize when we come to a new understanding that opens our heart rather than shuts it down. We say, “Oh, yes, now I see,” and the world of our experience is expanded and we experience a new found joy and oneness with other people and things.

Can we perform miracles? No, they are given to us by the Tao, the Spirit of Life, God, our Higher Power, the Transcendent, Mother Nature, whatever we call the animating force of the Universe. However, we can create the circumstances which make miracles more likely to occur.

The circumstances under which miracles are more likely to occur are adopting an attitude of curiosity rather than judgement, the willingness to love rather than attack, the dropping of resentments and grievances and forgiving rather than blaming, the willingness to listen instead of telling.

Opening our minds and hearts to the Divine Spark in others is a choice we have. Today, look for the Divine Spark in the people you meet and interact with, and focus on that, and miracles will occur.

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