Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Daily Reflection, Day Fifty eight, Human being or human doer?

Day Fifty eight
Human being or human doer?

“I said before that only revelation transcends time.” ACIM.T-2.V.10:5

We say, “Where did the time go?” “It seemed like time stood still.” “It seemed like I was somewhere out of time.” “I felt timeless.” We are describing an altered state of consciousness where we lose our sense of ego boundaries. We experience ourselves as pure spirit without a body. We are pure being.

If you are a Buddhist, you would call this state of mind “bodhi” or enlightenment, if an Hindu you would call it “moksha” or freedom or “sahaja samadhi” or ongoing oneness, if a Sufi you would call it “baqa” or abiding in God, if a Christian you would call it deification or union with God. These are the descriptions of the mystical experience of spiritual awakening.

Unitarian Universalists covenant together to affirm and promote the free and responsible search for truth and meaning and if one were to engage in such a search where would one look? The path of the ego takes us outward in search of external things while the path of the Spirit takes us inward in search of union with the Transcendent.

Today, I will take several moments to relax and look within for the “no mind.” I will clear away the clutter of external cares and concerns which the ego populates my consciousness with. I will relax into the Oneness of timelessness and just be. After all, I am a human being not a human doer.

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