Friday, February 21, 2020

Daily Relections, Day Seventy three, The thing I have forgotten: holiness.

Day Seventy three
The thing I have forgotten: holiness

“Holiness can never be really hidden in darkness, but you can deceive yourself about it. The deception makes you fearful because you realize in your heart that it is a deception, and you exert enormous efforts to establish its reality.” ACIM.T-1.IV.2:1-2

The mission of the UU A Way Of Life blog is to sanctify the world by helping people become aware of their holiness, but the carrying out of this mission engenders fear in people who have a stake in maintaining the world of the ego.

Holiness is innate and we pay lip service, some of us, to the principle that every person has inherent worth and dignity, but judgment is a major part of the activities of the days of most of us. We become upset, angry, resentful, and harbor grievances in many of our interactions and overlook or dismiss the divine spark of holiness that is always hidden in everyone. We look for ways to justify our judgment so we can diminish our fear of our wrongdoing in justifications and rationalizations.

What we fear the most in ourselves we project onto others. Because we have kept the holiness hidden within ourselves, we have difficulty seeing it in others. It takes enormous energy and conscious effort to maintain and uplift the lies of the ego and its false promises of happiness.

Today, I will pay attention to my fears and come to an understanding of where they come from. Once I get past these fears, I will recognize and acknowledge Love which is my natural inheritance that I have forgotten. I will give thanks for the peace and joy that ascends into my awareness which I experience.

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