Sunday, February 2, 2020

Topic of the month - Revelation

The topic for this month, February, 2020, on UU A Way Of Life is Revelation.

Revelation is direct experience of the Oneness which some call God and leaves one with overwhelming sense of peace and well being.

In order to experience Revelation one must completely shed one's ego and turn one's will over to the Higher Power. This is terrifying for most people and they are unable to do it on their own.

One can always ask for help from the Holy Spirit who is the mediator between the Oneness and us, the one's who have separated ourselves from the Oneness.

The first step in achieving an experience of the Oneness is to forgive ourselves and others for our egos, our separateness which we cling to with the tenacity of idolatry.

When we become one with the All, all doubt and fear are suspended and we experience abiding bliss.

Revelation, the Oneness with God, is the foundational belief of the Universalists. The Universalists have taught that this is an experience not a creed or thought system.

There are many paths to the experience of Revelation. Some call this enlightenment and others call it cosmic consciousness. Steve Taylor calls it the leap meaning the step from our ordinary state of being in the ego world to a more expansive state of wakefulness experiencing Oneness with our Source and Essence of our being.

Revelation has nothing to do with belief, but it has to do with knowing. Carl Jung said that he didn't believe in God, he knew there was a God. Have you ever had a time of confidence and experience in this knowing? Some people call this Grace. It is a harmonious combination of thoughts, feelings and intentions.

Colloquially, we sometimes talk about learning something which has come as quite a revelation. There is no greater revelation than to experience the Unconditional Love of God and realize that the world of the ego is an illusion and the only thing real is the Unconditional Love which sometimes we call "God" or the Tao, or the Unspeakable.

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