Saturday, March 28, 2020

UUs forth principle, free and responsible search for truth and meaning, and fake news.

There are many problems with media today. Here are a couple:

 Journalists' jobs should be to elucidate the truth, not simply provide "coverage," obtain audience share, provide false equivalency.

If Donald Trump said the world is flat and not round how would the major news networks handle this? What would his base think? Would Trump's base support this false idea? Would Trump's polling go up or down?

 The role of satire is to punch holes in pomposity and disengenuous nonsense, commonly named "bull shit."

Comedians, unlike most news pundits,  take bullshit seriously and don't talk down to or attempt to spin their audiences while major news pundits do these very things.

 Satirists are good at pointing out the irrational, false, absurd and making fun of it. Just to laugh at the absurdity and incongruity of what satirists are pointing out, though, is not enough. We need to take what satirical comedians are saying and use our laughter to discern the truth, and further reflect on and share that.

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