Sunday, March 15, 2020

Virtue Development, Part Five, Humility - invisibility

Humility, part five, invisibility
Becoming part of the whole, the whole world becomes holy.

People skilled at the virtue of humility have the ability to make themselves invisible. When their presence isn’t needed they can disappear. There is no need for a humble person to be in the spotlight. Rather they disappear into the woodwork.

A person practicing humility by making themselves invisible are not shy, they are not socially anxious, they easily fit into the whole. They are satisfied to become part of the scenery, to become one with All.

The person practicing humility is a Universalist knowing that every person has inherent worth and dignity and dropping the ego allows one to become part of the all with none being better or lesser than the rest but part of the whole. In this awareness every person becomes holy and the whole world is sanctified.

For a 1:49 minute commentary, click here.

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