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The Spiritual Life, Topic Twenty four, Conditional and unconditional love

Unconditional Love - Uninhibited Wellness

The Spiritual Life, Topic Twenty four
Conditional and unconditional love

Man becomes mature the moment he starts loving rather than needing. He starts overflowing, sharing; he starts giving. The emphasis is totally different. With the first, the emphasis is on how to get more. With the second, the emphasis is on how to give, how to give more, and how to give unconditionally. This is growth, maturity, coming to you. A mature person gives. Only a mature person can give, because only a mature person has it. Then love is not dependent. Then you can be loving whether the other is or is not. Then love is not a relationship, it is a state.

Osho. Maturity: The Responsibility of Being Oneself (Osho Insights for a New Way of Living) . St. Martin's Press.p.52

Love is not conditional. Love is unconditional. You love just because you feel like doing it.

Unconditional love comes from abundance not from scarcity. One loves unconditionally
when joy is overflowing.

The mature person is past “give to get” and “one or the other” and “me or you.” There is only “we.” The “I” is gone.

Unconditional loving comes from having one’s priorities straight. First comes God, then comes me, then comes you, and then everyone and everything else. Putting God first, the circle expands naturally as everything is part of Godliness.

Unconditional love is an awareness of nondual Oneness. It is born from cosmic consciousness. It is in cosmic consciousness that we put our faith.

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