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The Spiritual Life - Attunement with the non dualistic Oneness

How Spiritual Teachers Make Sense In The World Of Change

Attunement to the non dualistic Oneness

In the description of the components of spiritual health we have discussed the first which was peace and joy, the second which was kindness, the third which was forgiveness, and in this article we are describing the fourth which is the attunement to the non dualistic Oneness.

The non dualistic Oneness is the oceanic existence from which we, as individuals, emerged when our spirit was incarnated in our bodies at conception or some would say at birth. We each are but drops of the ocean and we will merge with that Oneness when we shed our bodies at physical death. This means giving up the ego born from our sense of separation.

Some people have more of  a sense of the transcendent and enjoy more of what some call “cosmic consciousness.” We make jokes about the Buddhist monk who asked the hot dog vendor to “make me one with everything.” Why do some people laugh at this joke while others don’t get it?

There are skills involved in achieving and deepening this attunement. Nowadays, it is often referred to as “mindfulness.” Others encourage a practice of meditation. The more philosophically inclined follow the advice of Socrates who said, “the unexamined life is not worth living.”

The attunement with the non dualistic Oneness has nothing to do with thoughts, thinking, and cognitive processes. It has nothing to do with external perception and apprehension but rather with the internal letting go of all thoughts, feelings, desires, and intentions. The attunement is achieved with letting go of all external experience and focusing on our deep inner state of pure existence, our being not our doing.

The attunement with the non dualistic Oneness requires a refocusing of our faith from the ego and the things of the world to the spiritual which involves a recovered awareness of our natural inheritance which is Love. Attunement with the non dualistic Oneness is a letting go of all fears and an experience of peace and joy the first component of spiritual health.

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