Monday, July 13, 2020

Explaining things to kids - Does everybody hate us?

Build The Wall' MAGA-Themed Toy Tells Kids To Stop 'Mob' Of 10,000 ...

This summer, as Donald Trump picked off his competition for the 2016 election, you learned to read the newspaper. You had more questions. 
“Does Donald Trump hate all brown people?”
“Hate is a strong word.” 
“Does he not like brown people?”
 “Like Mexicans and Muslims?” 
 “What about brown boys like me? Does he not like brown boys like me?” 
“What’s not to like about you?” I asked. Then I grabbed you and tickled you and sank my face into your stomach, where you would not see my fear.
How Do I Explain This to My Kids? . The New Press.p.5

What mom did not know then, but would come to learn, and her eight year old brown son would learn also, is that Donald Trump would take children away from their parents at the border and put them in cages to teach people a lesson not to come here.

And the American people will cheer and chant “Build the wall! Build the wall!”

How does a parent explain such things to a child?
“Some people are afraid of people who are different from them.”
“Why, Mom.?”
“Because they have advantages in our society that they are afraid they will lose if other people come here to live with them.”
“Like grandma and grandpa?
“So why did they let them in.”
“The rules were different back then.”
“And the President changed the rules.”
“Because people are afraid and President Trump wanted the people who are scared to vote for him.”
“Is that how he got elected president?”
“So now people hate people like us because they are afraid of us.”
“I don’t want people to be afraid of me and hate me.”
“I don’t want that either.”
“How do we change their minds?”
“:We have to show them they have nothing to be afraid of.”
“How do we do that?”
“We have to be nice to them, even if they aren’t nice to us.”
“It doesn’t seem fair.”
“It isn’t.”
“So, Mommy, what can we do?”
“Honey, don’t cry. It’s going to be all right in the end, I love you. Daddy loves you. Grandma and Grandpa love you. Your teacher in school loves you. Your friends love you. The people at church love you. God loves you dearly. There are many, many people who love you and didn’t vote for President Trump.”
“So not everybody voted for him?”
“That’s good. That helps me feel better.”
“Good night, sweetie. Sweet dreams.”
“Good night, momma.”

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