Thursday, July 30, 2020

Spiritual Practices - Component #3: Working miracles

A Change of Heart and Mind | Unity Center of Norwalk

Working miracles

The third component of spiritual health is forgiveness. The cardinal sin is blame, attack, and vengeance. The spiritual practice is what in A Course in Miracles is called a “miracle.” What is meant by the term “miracle” in A Course In Miracles is not some supernatural phenomena which is akin to magic but rather a change of mind and heart.

A miracle is something we can practice when we shift our perception from the world of the ego to the world of the Spirit. We shift our perception from the place of fear to the place of unconditional love.

Blame, attack, and vengeance is based on fear. We fear losing something whether it is a relationship, a material object, status, reputation, getting our way, even saving face. Disrespecting someone can bring out the worst in ourselves and in others because our egos become hurt.

Forgiveness means giving up making other people or circumstances responsible for our unhappiness. We decide to no longer play the victim and dwell on helplessness, but rather to tune into our power to decide how we will respond whether in love or in hate.

We have tens of forgiveness opportunities every day when our feelings are hurt, or we are annoyed, or become angry, and we can stop and ask ourselves “What would love have me do?” It is this awareness of a choice which we always have, and the choice itself that strengthens every time we choose love instead of blame which arises from fear and guilt.

How many times a day do you pause and ask yourself “What would love have me do?” and then do it? There are multiple forgiveness opportunities every day. Look for them, reflect on them, and act on them. When we do, we change our hearts and work miracles.

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