Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Spiritual practices: Component #4 - Meditation

Rajneesh quote: Meditation is a state of no-mind! You can not find...


The fourth component of spiritual health is attunement to the non dualistic Oneness and the cardinal sin #4 is separation from the Oneness and the enhancement of the ego. The spiritual practice to mitigate separation and enhancement of the ego and strengthen the attunement to the non dualistic Oneness is meditation.

Meditation is the going within and clearing the mind of all thoughts. This can be done while sitting quietly or sometimes when engaged in repetitive physical activity like walking, jogging, swimming. Another way of thinking about this attunement with the non dualistic Oneness is the psychological experience of entering into a state of flow. Flow is when time stands still and the person loses awareness of their physical body and engaging in any effort. One is just coasting or floating.

Sometimes people say they can reach this state through prayer or engaging in some ritualistic prayer activity like saying the rosary, chanting, or repetitively saying a mantra..

Sometimes people attempt to alter their consciousness using chemicals or other compulsive behaviors like gambling, working long hours when the person has gotten their “second wind.”

Sometimes people describe reaching this state in orgasm.

Sometimes people describe reaching this state by singing, playing a musical instrument, dancing or some other creative activity.

The most widely and best spiritual practice though is called “meditation.” Start for short periods of time, just 5 minutes and sit quietly and just watch your thoughts pass by in your mind with the intent of clearing your mind to a point at which you attain “no mind.” When a person attains “no mind” the person has left the ego and entered into attunement with the non dualistic Oneness.

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