Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Spiritual Book Discussion - The Spiritual Child - Chapter Three - The nod: The intergenerational transmission of spiritual attunement.


Chapter three - The nod: The intergenerational transmission of spiritual attunement

“Statistically, a spiritually oriented mother alone or a spiritually oriented child alone showed only marginal protection against depression, but if the two shared being spiritually oriented, and the spirituality was something that had been shared during the child’s formative years, then there was a protective effect that dramatically lowered the incidence of depression by  80 percent.” p.87

“After considering all the research, literature, and my own experience as a therapist and mother, I have come to think of the parent as an ambassador. The parent is an ambassador of transcendence, the guide on who introduces the child to the spiritually attuned life.” p.90

The child looks among available parent figures for the nod, the spiritual guidance through a loving relationship.” p.97

“In predicting the degree of persona spirituality in the young adult, two factors contribute equally: (1) the parent’s own spirituality and (2) unconditional parental love and affection.” p .100

Lisa Miller’s concept of the “nod” is very important to the development of spirituality in children, adolescents, and young adults. The “nod” is defined as the intergenerational transmission of spiritual attunement. 

  1. What is the parent, the grandparent, the aunt, the uncle’s level of attunement with one’s Higher Power? 
  2. How is this attunement manifested? 
  3. What are the opportunities of looks of recognition intentional and unintentional?
  4. Is there a shared vocabulary to refer to these thoughts, feelings, and actions?

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