Tuesday, December 1, 2020

A Course In Miracles Lesson #103, God, being Love, is also happiness.

 Lesson #103
God, being Love, is also happiness.

If God is Love and Love is happiness why do we fear God? We have been socialized by our religions to believe that God is wrathful, we are sinners, and God will punish us. How long can a person be happy living with that threat?

Even if we don’t fear God’s punishment, we may fear the loss of God’s Love and so it is only a matter of time when our happiness will end. There is no way that we can believe that happiness is infinitely enduring and all encompassing. This kind of love is beyond our imagination and probably experience. But the lesson today teaches us that God, being Love, is also happiness.

In Alcoholic Anonymous, in the eleventh step, we are encouraged to seek, through prayer and meditation, conscious contact with the God of Love and happiness. Having recognized, admitted, and turned our life over to God’s care once we realized we, alone, can’t manage it, the miracle occurred with this shift from willfulness to willingness and our lives were transformed from miserable to joyously happy.

In Unitarian Universalism, we covenant together to affirm and promote the free and responsible search for truth and meaning which eventually took us within where we discovered the inherent worth and dignity of every person which made us tremendously happy, a happiness which abides within us forever.

Today, we are asked to take five minutes every hour and recognize that God, being Love, is also happiness. I asked my friend, Dan, “How are ya doin?” and Dan said to me, “I’m happy to be here.” Being one with God’s Loving consciousness is not just happiness or even joy, but bliss.

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