Monday, December 21, 2020

Mystic Circle of Unitarian Universalists - Joining MCUU

Joining MCUU

The MCUU is a lay monastic order of members who commit themselves to the covenant with others to live their lives according to the mystic order of Unitarian Universalists rule. This a peaceful and joyous life but does require discipline,

In order to join the Mystical Circle of Unitarian Universalists a novice  must go through a year of preparation before they take their vows to their Transcendent Source to live in accordance with the MCUU rule.

The basic requirements are that the member engage in
  1.  daily meditation upon waking and before nighttime sleep of 5 minutes of meditation
  2. 15 minutes of spiritual reading per day
  3. 1 act of intentional kindness per day.
  4. daily review of three good things and reporting in a diary and/or to another human being.
  5. 1 hour of worship per week, preferable on Sunday
  6. 1 15 minute meeting with a spiritual director per week.

Perfect adherence to these practices is not necessary but engagement when possible is encouraged.

Other practices such as a “day of recollection” usually held on the last Friday of the month, and two 3 day retreats, one in the spring and one in the fall, are also recommended.

The novice is to meet with their spiritual director at least once per week to review their experience with these practices.

At the end of a year the novice and the spiritual director will decide if the novice desires and is ready to take solemn vows to become a permanent member of the Mystic Circle of Unitarian Universalists. If the decision is made to take permanent vows the application will be made for approval to the MCUU executive committee. If approved, an induction ceremony will be planned and implemented.

After induction in the Mystic Circle of Unitarian Univeralists it is expected that the member will contribute to the nurturance of the spiritual development of the members of the MCUU.

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