Sunday, December 13, 2020

UU A Way Of Life 12/13/20 Weekly review

 12/13/20 Weekly review

A Course In Miracles lessons - We have continued to post daily comments on ACIM lessons. This week we have commented on lessons #107 - #111. We ended the week with a couple of days of review lessons.
The purpose in commenting on these lessons daily is to facilitate a deeper interior spiritual life for people in Twelve Step programs, and for those earnestly trying to develop a deeper spiritual life in the Unitarian Universalist tradition.
One of the concerns is that UUs while they attempt to create a covenantal church often fall short by focusing on social justice concerns and psychobabble. The groups and congregations nurturing of an interior spiritual life are difficult to find in the UU tradition. The mission of UU A Way Of Life is to attempt to nurture the sense of holiness and to sanctify the world.

Good news - This week there has been an attempt to bring back a focus on good things that are happening in the world of the ego. The media focuses on topics that can be sensationalized because they are emotionally arousing and engage in “clicks” which can then be aggregated and sold to advertisers.
Good news does not sell as well because it is less often alarming and therefore does not lend itself to the function of “click bait.” However, there are a smaller group of people who are interested in celebrating goodness. It is in recognizing and celebrating goodness that this goodness is extended and hopefully emulated.
This week we recognized Chris Krebs, CISA director, who stood up for truth and was fired by President Trump. We also recognized President-elect, Joseph Biden for his anti-semetic stand, and Senator Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania who, unlike his Republican colleagues, stood up against disinformation for truth. In recognizing these three people it is good to remind ourselves that the free and responsible search for truth and meaning is labeled as traitorous by the status quo who then attempt to punish those who stood on the side of truth. All the more reason that people who take principled stands are acknowledged and celebrated.

Humor - There also was a continued effort this week at humor by referencing Andy Borowitz’s satirical article on Trump pardons. The saying is “You either laugh or cry” and at this time in American history there is a great deal to cry and grieve over. While corruption and wrongdoing should be taken seriously, having done that, sometimes a good laugh can lighten the load.

Book discussions - Our discussions of the two books under study, The Spiritual Child and Scripture Unbound have been absent this week. We plan on returning to them this coming week.

Community support - The support for UU A Way Of Life has fallen below 100 views a day for reasons that can only be guessed at. The first reason may be that UUAWOL isn’t meeting the needs of its readers. The second reason is that the focus on spiritual topics rather than click bait doesn’t appeal to as broad an audience. A third reason might be that the quality of the writing isn’t as appealing enough to attract and maintain an audience.
There may be other reasons as well and we’d like to get feedback from readers by leaving comments or writing to

Plans for this coming week and month - Research is being done on the possibility of doing more podcasts and perhaps a video or two a month.

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