Sunday, April 11, 2021

And so it goes...........observations during the week of April 4 - April 10

 Easter is a remembrance that Love wins over the body. The body can be killed but the soul is forever.
People mistake “racism” for “prejudice” and “discrimination.” Racism is systemic and as white people say “I don’t see color,” not because they are prejudiced or even consciously discriminatory but simply because they  narcissistically  think that their privilege is natural and how things are supposed to be for them.

In April, 2021 over twenty states have legislation pending or recently passed that attack transgendered people for reasons that even they can’t rationally explain.

What is the one question that you have to say “Yes” to?
What does Y - E - S spell?

Some people say that when they sit real quiet and still and clear their minds of all thoughts, and relax their bodies, they feel the Love Of God within them. Did that ever happen to you?

Did you ever notice that sports is the new religion? It’s what most people watch on Sundays. They dress up in the vestments, chant the hymns of praise to their team, identify with  a mythical group that is bigger than themselves, and spend far more to indulge their participation than they would ever put in a collection plate.

“A few days later, I yelled at him for losing his new lunch box. And he turned to me and said, ‘Are you sure you’re my mother. Sometimes you don’t seem like a good enough person.’ He was just a kid so I let it go. And now, years later, I probably only think of it, I don’t know, one or twice a day.” Jenny Offill, Weather, p.23

“It is dusk when Henry and I leave the park. A car nearly runs over us. Now we’re right next to her at the light. My brother goes up to the window. ‘Lady, you almost killed us,’ he tells her. But she won’t look at him. ‘You and your precious lives,’ she says.” Jenny Offill, Weather, p. 57

“She tells me that her phone was stolen and she’s been using a really old one instead. She won’t get the newest model, she’s decided. ‘So I just go at a slower pace. I know I’m missing things because I can’t respond quickly enough to what people say or show me, but that’s okay. It gives me more time to think,” she says.” Jenny Offill, Weather, p.61

Jenny Offill tells the following joke in her novel, Weather, on page 138. “How does a Unitarian walk on water?” “She waits until winter.”

The bumper sticker says “It’s not hoarding if it’s books.” Made me laugh, but I know I have a problem.

Neale Donald Walsch writes that people who don’t like the word “God” should substitute the word “Life.”. Unless you’re suicidal or homicidal who doesn’t believe in life?

Ken Wilber, if you’re interested, has a theory of everything. It’s called “Integral” and he claims it’s the next step in human evolution. It’s worth checking out.

A friend, 75  mentioned that honoring the Sabbath, after having gone by the wayside for the most part, might be a good ritual for our culture to resurrect and follow. He has begun to do so, and I have followed his example. If God got a day off once a week, it might be a good idea for us humans too.

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