Saturday, July 10, 2021

A Course In Miracles Workbook Lesson #299 - Eternal holiness abides in me.

 Lesson #299

Eternal holiness abides in me.

Peace Pilgrim called it the “Divine Spark.” Other words and phrases for it are “The Force,” “Ground of Being,” “Soul,” etc. Today, in A Course In Miracles it is called “Eternal Holiness.” These terms all refer to the non dualistic Oneness from which we have separated ourselves at our birth, our physical incarnation in our current lifetime.

In Alcoholic Anonymous it is suggested, in step eleven, that we seek to become more consciously aware of our Divine origin and essence through prayer and meditation what, today, we call “mindfulness.”

In Unitarian Universalism we join together to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person recognizing that there is an eternal holiness which is our primary nature no matter what kind of nonsense and mistakes we have made in our lives.

Today’s lesson suggests that we acknowledge that Eternal Holiness abides in me and everyone else in the world.

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