Thursday, August 19, 2021

Book discussion - The Presence Of The Infinite, Spiritual but not religious?

Spiritual but not religious.

This book is about spiritual experience, which can be understood as an encounter with the presence of the infinite within our finite universe of time and space. While the human experience of spirit takes many forms and can be conceived of in a wide variety of ways, I have found that this idea of spirit as the “presence of the infinite” sheds a considerable amount of light on this complex subject.

McIntosh, Steve. The Presence of the Infinite . Quest Books. P.1

Increasingly people report in the Pew Religion Research Poll that they are “spiritual” but not “religious”. Membership in denominational churches is waning as the consciousness of humanity evolves.

The bumper sticker is “My God is too big for any one religion.” People who are identified with this idea have moved from an ethnocentric to a worldcentric and perhaps even an integral worldview. UUs are clearly in the latter stages of consciousness which only pertains to about 20% of the U.S. population. While this percentage of the population at a worldcentric and an integral worldview is relatively small, it is growing and will continue to grow as humanity evolves in its forward development.

  1. What kind of spiritual experiences have you had and are having? 

  2. What does spirituality mean to you and your life?

  3. How in tuned are you with the Transcendent Infinite Source?

  4. What nourishes your experience of your immanent spirituality?

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