Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Book Discussion - The Presence Of The Infinite, What is spiritual?

What is spiritual?

But the idea that spiritual experience is—actually and literally—an experience of that which is infinite or transcendent may find agreement among many who are open-minded about the possibility of some kind of spiritual reality.

McIntosh, Steve. The Presence of the Infinite . Quest Books. p.1

More and more people say these days when asked about an affiliation with a religious denomination that they are not “religious” but they are “spiritual.” What is the meaning of this word “spiritual”?

Steve McIntosh suggests that the experience of “spiritual” is an experience of the Transcendent or the Infinite. It is the experience of something greater than oneself. It is the experience of what Twelve Step programs like AA call the “Higher Power.”

The next question might be “How do you practice or implement your experience of the “spiritual’? Is there is a spiritual intelligence, and if so, how does one develop it?

The first step in developing one’s spiritual intelligence is coming to know that there is such a thing and that it can be enhanced. The second step is to find someone to share this discovery with to explore the idea. The third step is to develop a map or a curriculum to increase one’s spiritual intelligence. The fourth step is to engage in regular study and practice.

  1. How do you practice your spirituality?
  2. What practices do you engage in to enhance your spiritual intelligence?

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  1. Does Unitarian Universalism have any map of spiritual intelligence? Do UUs recognize and acknowledge that there is such a thing?


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