Sunday, September 12, 2021

Book discussion, The Presence Of The Infinite, Where are you in your spiritual development?

 Where are you in your spiritual development?

The experience of spirit evolves our consciousness, develops our character, and makes us more real. Our experiences of spirit, however, are not only personally beneficial; they can also benefit others by inspiring us to share our gifts and bring spiritual experience into the lives of our fellows.

McIntosh, Steve. The Presence of the Infinite . Quest Books. p.2 

Unitarian Universalism seems to have forgotten its mission and vision. It has become hung up on social justice and forgotten its primary mission which is to facilitate spiritual development. Most UUs don’t even know what spiritual development is let alone how to facilitate it, nurture it, and guide it.

Steve McIntosh in his book, The Presence Of The Infinite, provides excellent definitions and ideas about how to develop our spirituality. His overall approach is what is called “evolutionary spirituality.”

The point of pursuing a path of evolutionary spirituality is to facilitate one’s own spiritual development, that of one’s associates, and the world.

How can a person “bring spiritual experience into the lives of our fellows” if we aren’t even consciously aware of our own spiritual experience and have a map for its development?

If you were asked, “Where are you in your spiritual development” what would you say? Do you even have a way of thinking about this question, let alone answering it?

Stick with us for the next month or two as we explore The Presence Of The Infinite on UU A Way Of Life.

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  1. Most excellent point. All UUs should read this especially the clergy and leadership.


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