Thursday, September 2, 2021

Book discussion - The Presence Of The Infinite, Infinite Transcendent Source

Infinite Transcendent Source

But as we will explore, what all authentic spiritual experiences have in common is this connection to a quality of being that is best described as infinite. Within the context of spiritual experience, the idea of the infinite includes not only a mathematical infinity of quantity—boundless, endless, unlimited, immeasurable, and eternal—but also a metaphysical infinity of quality—unified, whole, complete, perfect, self-sufficient, and largely beyond definition or conception. Yet even though the infinite is largely transconceptual and elusive, it can be directly experienced by humans.

McIntosh, Steve. The Presence of the Infinite . Quest Books. P. 1-2

Simply put, spirituality is our experience of our Transcendent Source. It is what UUs call the interdependent web of all existence.

  1. When have you experienced your oneness with the Ground of Being?
  2. How can you best describe it?
  3. While this experience is personal, sometimes we share it with others. This experience has been called “empathic reverberation.” Jesus said, “Where two or more are gathered in my name, there I will be.” Jesus is not talking about Jesus the person, Jesus is talking about Spirit as when He said, “I and the Father are One.” Have you experienced Oneness with others?

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