Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Miracles do not matter. The Divine Spark does.

Miracles do not matter. The Divine Spark does.

Miracles as such do not matter. The only thing that matters is their Source, which is far beyond evaluation. T-1.1.2:1-2

It is interesting that in the text named “A Course In Miracles” the second miracle principle teaches that miracles do not matter.

Miracles are the shift in perception from the world of the ego to the world of the spirit. What matters is not the shift but Spirit which is Love.

In Alcoholic Anonymous it is suggested in step three that we make a decision to turn our willfulness over to God as we understand God. What is important is not the turning over but the God of our understanding which is beyond our understanding.

In Unitarian Universalism we join together to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person. What is important is not the ego of the person but the Source of their inherent worth and dignity.

Today, as yesterday, look for that Divine Spark. While the looking is instrumental it is not as important as the Divine Spark Itself.

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