Monday, November 15, 2021

Does UU teach a way?

Life is the way. Life has no goal. That’s why I love the word Tao. Tao means the way, with no goal. Simply the way. It was courageous of Lao Tzu, twenty-five centuries ago, to tell people that there is no goal and we are not going anywhere. We are just going to be here, so make the time as beautiful, as loving, as joyous as possible. He called his philosophy Tao, and Tao means simply “the way.”

Osho. The Secret of Secrets (p. 6). Watkins Media.p.6

David Markham (DM) Does UU teach a way? 

Harry Hollywood (HH) No. They have a covenant organized around seven principles.

DM Do the seven principles describe a way?

HH Yes, of sorts.

DM To what extent do UUs practice the seven principles?

HH Most don’t even know what they are and if they do and were asked how they practice them probably couldn’t tell you much. Ministers hardly ever preach on them and they are not a very visible and important part of UU life.

DM Is there a theology which describes the genesis of and hermeneutical value of the seven principles?

HH Very little and to find anything on the topic takes a lot of digging.

DM So is Unitarian Universalism a serious tradition which facilitates spiritual development?

HH No. They are much more interested on social justice and activism than nurturing spiritual development.

DM So, is UU a real religion?

HH It probably is better thought of as a social club like the Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, Elks, etc. They do good works sometimes but mostly gather for fellowship. There is very little interest in nurturing spiritual development.

DM So if a person was interested in spiritual formation they are not likely to find it in a UU congregation.

HH Yes, that’s correct.

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