Wednesday, August 24, 2022

What’s the message of our UU faith?

Most modern churches of my acquaintance have during my lifetime undergone the highly significant change of delivering their message, whatever it is, by affective means, designed—yes, designed—principally to make Christianity attractive to an audience of predetermined character, rather than to preach and teach a universal and unchanging gospel without consideration of how or whether it might strike a congregation of every mind and estate, leaving its application to a transaction of God and man carried on in the inner chambers of the heart, invisible and inaccessible to those who wish to address a certain kind of audience (e.g., to certain ethnicities, classes, or attitudes).

Dogma and Death, S.M. Hutchens, Touchstone: A Journal Of Mere Christianity, September/October, 2022, p.8

Reading the above passage made me wonder and then laugh, “What is the message of Unitarian Universalism?” If people will believe everything, they will fall for anything.”

Two things strike me as important in the Unitarian Universalist faith: the Universalist unconditional love of our Transcendent Source, and the free and responsible search for truth and meaning. There are other aspects of the UU faith as well, but without these two components, the faith would dissolve and disappear as an organized religion.

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