Sunday, November 20, 2022

Concerns about changes to UUA bylaws

Yesterday, 11/19/22, UUMUAC, the Unitarian Universalist Multiracial Unity Action Council, met on zoom for two hours and was attended by about 67 people from across the United States and one person from Paris, France.

The meeting was facilitated by Richard Trudeau, the chair of the board of UUMUAC. Members were invited to express their concerns.

The main concern of the members is the proposed change to the article II bylaws of the Unitarian Universalist Association. This change would eliminate the 7 principles and change the UUA from a service organization to one providing more oversight of local congregations.

A second concern was how disagreement with the proposed change to the bylaws is being managed by the current UUA administration which includes a loss of the freedom of the pulpit for ministers who are part of the UUMA, Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association, and the fact that two of its ministers have be defrocked and excommunicated from fellowship because of their disagreement with the proposed changes.

A third concern was the deceptive practices of the current administration which include a lack of compliance with bylaws of the organization especially when it comes to nominating the next president of the UUA.

There were suggested steps suggested for action, the first being the raising of awareness and education about the proposed changes and the second being local congregations sending delegates to the General Assembly in the Spring of 2023 who are knowledgeable about these issues.

There was much concern that local congregations who are members of the UUA are not knowledgeable about these proposed changes and it was suggested several times that local congregations be made aware and educated about these issues.

For more information about the proposed changes to the UUA bylaws click here.

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