Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Transgender Christian leaders say scripture inspires inclusive congregations.


On September 25,2022, NPR aired a broadcast entitled “Transgender Religious Leaders Say Scripture Should Inspire Inclusive Congregations. Here is a brief excerpt:

Evangelical Christianity has played a big role in the political debate around transgender issues, and the spate of legislation it's led to. And so that position is widely known: God created humans, separated into male and female – categories that are innate and immutable.

But religions speak with more than one voice. And other Christians are using their sacred texts to embrace a broader understanding of gender.

Unitarian Universalism which includes people from all major religions and none do not profess a creed. Instead they have seven principles which they covenant together to affirm and promote. The first of the seven is the “inherent worth and dignity of every person.” 

One of Unitarianism pioneers, Francis David, said in the 16th century, “We need not think alike to love alike.”

The Universalists preached the unconditional love of God for God’s creation and that all humans will attain the Kingdom of God eventually.

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