Thursday, August 17, 2023

Experiencing the no thing of the All, the non dual Oneness.

When you have experienced the protection of God, the making of idols becomes inconceivable. There are no strange images in the Mind of God, and what is not in His Mind cannot be in yours, because you are of one mind and that mind belongs to Him. It is yours because it belongs to Him, for to Him ownership is sharing. And if it is so for Him, it is so for you. His definitions are His laws, for by them He established the universe as what it is. No false gods you attempt to interpose between yourself and your reality affect truth at all. Peace is yours because God created you. And He created nothing else. T-10.IV.6:1-7

A Course in Miracles (p. 347). Foundation for Inner Peace. Kindle Edition. 

When we experience the non dual Oneness, the cosmic consciousness, we don’t want the idols of the world of the ego. We have an experience of peace and bliss and the eternal now. We experience being one with God our Creator of which we are an extension.

In Unitarian Universalism some of us covenant together to affirm and promote a love for the interdependent web of all existence which is beyond our understanding or apprehension. The love of God’s creation is beyond understanding and yet we can remove the blocks to the awareness of this love when we eschew the idols of the ego. This is done in meditation when we relax into the no thing of the All.

Some of us set aside times during our days to meditate. In meditation we remind ourselves from whence we have come and to which we yearn to return, our true home with our creator.

To what extent do Unitarian Universalists have a meditation practice? Is meditation taught in our congregations? Is meditation encouraged? Are UU clergy and other leaders skilled in accessing the Transcendent Oneness?

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