Saturday, February 21, 2009

Morning meditation - It is harder and harder to compartmentalize my life

I have taken a few days off from writing for this blog because I was working on my two other blogs, Markham's Behavioral Health, and GCASA Cares.

Markham's Behavioral Health deals with mental health and social work topics and GCASA Cares deals with substance abuse topics.

I am a Psychiatric Social Worker and have been for 40 years. I am the Executive Director of a Substance Abuse agency in Western New York and I also work in my private practice doing psychotherapy about 20 hours per week.

My work is a major source of joy and satisfaction and fulfillment in my life as well as a source of income.

I believe that this is the work which the Spirit of Life has called me to do and while I don't make much money compared to other professionals it is my bliss and as Joseph Campbell said, if you wonder if you should follow the money or your bliss, follow your bliss.

Perhaps this is the lesson of the economic meltdown in the United States - that greed does not make one happy. There is more to life than acquisition and materialism. Unitarian Universalists have known this of course since they have existed. Social justice and taking care of the poor and the least among us was a major teaching of Jesus easily forgetten in our recent upsurge of Christian fundamentalism.

It is harder and harder for me to compartmentalize my life. I have trouble deciding on what blog to put what articles. So I hope that readers of UU A Way Of Life will also occassionally take a look at Markham's Behavioral Health and GCASA Cares. There are some things which might be of interest to readers of this blog.

Thank you for your attention and reading this post.

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