Monday, March 2, 2009

Morning Meditation - Orders within Unitarian Universalism

UU A Way Of Life is working on a number of projects. I have mentioned two on this blog so far. The first is to create life cycle milestone rituals as part of our UU liturgy. The second is to create a liturgical calendar. Both projects will be unveiled soon. The third project is to create orders, religous orders, within Unitarian Universalism which have different missions, functions, and purposes, and which provide a mechanism of affliliation for people with common interests, talents, abilities, and desires.

One such order is the Bartonians who are health care workers and engage in health care ministries. Clara Barton is their luminary and Bartonians band together with mutual support to carry out their mission to the world.

Another such order is the Davidians whose mission is to protect, preserve, and promote the faith. The Davidian's luminary is Francis David who said that you don't have to think alike to love alike.

There certainly can be other orders within Unitarian Universalism which have their own purpose, function, and calling within the overall UU structure.

As the publisher of the blog, UU A Way Of Life, I am drawn to the Davidian order, but as a psychotherapist and a Social Worker I also am drawn to the Bartonians.

I am very interested in your thoughts about developing orders within Unitarian Universalism. Please leave a comment.

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