Friday, March 13, 2009

Morning Meditation - Creating Our Own Hell Or Returning To God

In spite of what the fundamentalist Christian preachers tell us, Jesus was not concerned with sin. He never judged anyone or condemned them for their sins. Jesus was concerned with their lack of faith and he repeatedly said to his disciples, "Oh ye of little faith, if you only knew how much your father in heaven loves you, you could move mountains."

It is hard for us to believe that our faith could move mountains. We cannot even really connect with what Jesus is saying here. It almost sounds like nonsense until we begin to realize that Jesus is not talking about ego based reality on the earth plane, but a spiritual based reality beyond the ordinary ego based experience.

We have an expression advising people when they are hurt or disturbed "to rise above it". We sometimes in a helpful way remind people, "you are a better person than that. Don't sink to that level." It is in rising above disturbing, hurtful, unjust, and upsetting things that we begin to act on our faith in something beyond the mundane, the nonsense, the bull shit. In rising above it, we have our minds on something holy, something beyond the everyday experience of life, and like Jesus we can say, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."

The hallmark of genuine faith, genuine rising above it, is forgiveness. We recognize that most of the world is not there yet - they lack faith. They are still caught up in their ego world and they think it is real. The defenseness, the self justification, the hoarding and greed, and arrogance and pride, the narcissism, the attacks are seen for what they are - feeble attempts to deny the holy and lack of awareness that there is another reality.

It says in A Course For Miracles that we do not get to choose the curriculum of life, but we can choose when we wish to take it. Some people get it faster than others. Money, power, adulation seduce people away from studying the curriculum. Without realizing it, they are busy creating their own hell. People of faith however realize that there is nothing which holiness cannot do and sooner or later we all will return to God whether we are aware of it and ready or not. As the old gospel hymn says, "We've come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord. Trusting in His holy name, He's never failed me yet."

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  1. "They are still caught up in their ego world and they think it is real.

    *I* don't think *my* ego world is real David. I can assure you that *I* have a firm grasp on silliness and fantasy. ;-)