Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Onward Christian Soldiers , Soldiers of the Cross

According to a "list drawn up by Afghan officials," 95 children were "among the 140 people said to have died in a recent U.S.-Taliban battle in western Afghanistan." Afghan authorities blame the deaths on U.S. air strikes, but the U.S. military disputes their claim.

Onward Christian soldiers, soliders of the Cross. Reminds me of Herod ordering all the male babies killed under 2 so they couldn't grow up to overthrow his government.

Americans call these killings "collateral damage" as if this hides the fact that they are killing innocent civilians to get the "bad guys".

I don't know this America any more.

Good people are beginning to question the huraah slogan, "support the troops!"

I don't support troops killing children and innocent civilians, do you?


  1. I don't support troops killing children and innocent civilians, do you? I don't think it was deliberate... anymore than the near miss on Kharzi years ago, or the Canadians in 2002.

    The Pak Army's displaced up to a million civilians in the NW Frontier. That's how they're fighting the Taliban and the Administrations encouraged them.

    The Strategy deserves debate but the On Word Christian Soldiers frame your presenting here isn't advancing a rational case.

  2. Hi Bill:

    What do you make of Lt. Col. Gary Hensley, chief chaplain in Afghanistan exhorting soldiers to be the "hound of heaven" and hunt bodies for Jesus?

    Curious, your take on this.

    All the best,

    David Markham

  3. Hi Bill:

    What's the deal with Lt. Col. Gary Hensley exhorting his soldiers to "hung men for Jesus" and getting the "hound of heaven" after the Afghanis?

    It's sounds like you don't support this kind of thing but it is hard not to hook what is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan with Hagee and the other loonies who love war in the middle east because it signals the Apocalypse, etc.

    When the President of the United States, the Commander In Chief, claims he was called by God to be President and to fight terrorists in the Middle East, I think it is naive to suggest that these wars have nothing to do with Christianity.

    I am curious about your futher thoughts. I would like to be wrong about this stuff.

    All the best,

    David Markham