Sunday, September 6, 2009

Best Wedding Processional Ever

Can you imagine this kind of Wedding processional in a Unitarian Universalist church?

I can't explain it but as a 63 year old white guy I started crying as I watched it as it brought so much joy to my heart. (My sexist upbringing led me to believe that only females cry at weddings.:-))))


  1. This clip has been viral for awhile and most responses, including mine, have been similar to yours. I'm a sixty one year old white male, and I too welled up at the sheer joy of it all. I did see some conservative RC blogs predicting an early divorce because the couple didn't show proper reverence.

    Allow my ELCA to take a bow on this one as the wedding dance took place here in Minnesota at an ELCA church, and I'm also proud of my ELCA these days for becoming the largest religious organization in the world to embrace gay clergy and gay marriage.

  2. Dear Obie:

    Thanks for your comment. What's ELCA? It's Lutheran isn't it?

    Thanks for your further information.

    All the best,

    David Markham

  3. I can imagine it more easily in a UU church than in most churches since we are generally quicker to embrace secular music. My favorite thing about the couple is that they are urging people who like their video to donate to charities to help victims of domestic violence as the song they dance to is by Chris Brown.